Most frequent questions and answers

Max Gut-Health is suitable for all horses and ponies.

Normal feed rates are 50g per day split between 2 feeds, each scoop holds 25g. If you feel your horse is very compromised you can double the amount feed for a maximum of ten days. Then leave 3 weeks at normal rate before double feeding again.

No, our Max Gut-Health product does NOT replace veterinary treatments, but will support their use. 

Though we’ve had customers suggest Max Gut-Health has done wonders for their horses suffering from sweet itch, this hasn’t yet be scientifically proven and therefor we don’t sell it as a remedy of quick fix for sweet itch. 

Please contact us with a photo of your damaged parcel and we’ll arrange to get another sent out as soon as possible. 

Postage prices vary upon your location, please enter your postcode at checkout for an accurate price.

Yes.  This product is manufactured in a NOPS approved site and then each batch is further sent off for testing to make sure there was no contamination between manufacturer and us.  NOPS certificate available on request.